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    Remanufacturing industry into the auto parts city

        In "remanufacturing products (auto parts) into the auto parts city" theme campaign launch, secretary general of the China national development and reform commission Li Piaomin said recently that in recent years, China's auto industry maintained the average growth of more than 10%. It is estimated that by 2016 the domestic civil car ownership will reach about 200 million vehicles, car ownership in accordance with the developed countries, with the development of manufacturing and proportion computation, auto parts remanufacturing industry in China will have good market prospects for development.

        This remanufacturing subject propaganda activities approved by the national development and reform commission, jointly hosted by groups such as the Chinese economy guide newspaper office. Activities will be to "auto parts city, hand in hand with boosting remanufacturing" as the theme, from November 17 to 28, respectively in Beijing, jinan, nanjing, Shanghai, hangzhou, xiamen, guangzhou seven city auto parts city (4 s shop) held "remanufacturing product (auto parts) into the auto parts city" theme awareness day activities, promote remanufacturing industry policy, technology and industry development, let the remanufacturing product into the market.

         Auto parts remanufacturing is the important content of promoting circular economy development in our country and the concrete practice, is also a car market economy developed countries generally positive and effective measures, remanufacturing has become an important industry.

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