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    Congenital advantage to produce a "source"
        Waste products are the source of the remanufacturing industry equipment is one of important part of the old machines. For hefei, the base construction machinery industry to provide powerful guarantee for the remanufacturing industry development. On solid foundation in the field of engineering machinery manufacturing, hefei has the congenital advantage of the development of remanufacturing industry. The reporter learns from the city by the letter appoint, the city planning construction of remanufacturing industry clusters, with 3 ~ 5 years to make the community economy exceed 10 billion yuan.

        Construction machinery industry is priority to the development of hefei remanufacturing key industries, forklifts, excavators, lifting machinery, concrete machinery, such as the key products in the industry with strong market competitiveness, hydraulic pump valve, counterbalance, instruments and other key components can not only meet the demand of form a complete set of the province, in the province and even the foreign market also has a good reputation.

        In addition, in the field of automobile, hefei has jiang steam, nk, changan backbone enterprises, has many varieties, a full range of all kinds of vehicle and parts production and supporting system. In the field of equipment manufacturing, in addition to the engineering machinery, electrical appliances, forging machinery, instruments and meters, chemical machinery, environmental protection, intelligent equipment and aviation equipment and other industries.

        On the advantage of the industrial base, at present, in and around hefei city has gathered a group of companies, around the industrial chain of remanufacturing products is taking shape.

        Company as early as 2010, a fluid engaged in research and development of parts remanufacturing spontaneously built manufacturing shop again, add the production equipment, the multi-way valve of remanufacturing products, not only has the good economic efficiency, also has positive significance to national defense security. Anhui heli forklift company, hefei long source hydraulic parts company, hefei wing on green space, hefei together instrument companies have started planning for remanufacturing.

        At present, hefei and ma on shan, bengbu, surrounding the chuzhou city has gathered in remanufacturing enterprises more than 20 households, involves the engineering machinery, engine, machine tools, metallurgical industry and manufacturing, and other departments.

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