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    Anhui Ding Heng Manufacturing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd

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    Company:Anhui Ding Heng Manufacturing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd

    Address: wuhu high and new technology industry development zone of small and medium-sized enterprises pioneer park 11 layer 3

    Telephone: 0553-8312681

    Hand machine: 18109635606 (miss zhou)


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    Shanghai remanufacturing industry is expected to achieve an annual output value 5 billion yuan this year

        This year, Shanghai will rely on core industry carriers such as lingang industrial park, constantly advance auto parts remanufacturing pilot, on the basis of actively introduce high-end medical equipment, aircraft engines, port machinery, high value-added projects, to remanufacturing generic technology research and development (national center for remanufacturing engineering), product quality testing, talent training base, publicity show four big public service platform, promote enterprises to carry out "to old change to" work and material recycling system, gradually promote the development of remanufacturing industrialization, standardization, scale, and strive to achieve remanufacturing industry in the city 2015 annual output value of 5 billion yuan.

        After years of exploration, cultivating and developing Shanghai on remanufacturing technology and scale in the leading position, has initially formed professional recycling and dismantling, cleaning, remanufacturing, such as complete remanufacturing industry chain, in auto parts, mechanical and electrical products, engineering machinery, printing supplies, and other fields have a strong technological advantage and a certain industry.

        Shanghai Volkswagen happiness bader powertrain co., LTD was listed in the national development and reform commission, the first auto parts remanufacturing pilot units, the Shanghai electric motor co., LTD., approved by the ministry of science and technology to build efficient remanufacturing demonstration project "" national motor, caterpillar remanufacturing industry (Shanghai) co., LTD., relying on advanced equipment and technology has developed into a caterpillar remanufacturing operations center in Asia, companies such as Shanghai baosteel equipment maintenance company was included in the national ministry of remanufacturing product catalog.

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