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    Micro/nano plasma spraying technology

        Plasma spraying is a kind of material surface strengthening and surface modification technology, can make the substrate surface wear-resisting, corrosion resistant, high temperature oxidation resistance, electric insulation, heat insulation, anti-radiation, antifriction and sealing performance. Plasma coating technique is to use driven by dc arc plasma as heat source, such as ceramics, metal, metal material heated to melt or half molten state, and spray at high speed to after pretreatment of workpiece surface and form adhesion strong method of surface layer.


                                                                                        Plasma spraying system diagram

    The main technical characteristics of plasma spraying

        1) does not change, parts without deformation, heat treatment properties of base metal.

        2), coating variety, especially suitable for spraying ceramic and refractory materials.

        3), process stability, high coating quality.



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